Pupil Comments

Things P6 and P7 would like any new P1 child and their family to know.....
'Come to Doagh Primary School where you and your child will be very warmly welcomed.  With our kind and experienced teachers, your child will really get the best out of seven years.'  (Ellie)

'Doagh PS is an excellent school with the top of the top teachers. In Doagh PS everyone gets a second chance, our colourful, bright classrooms are all filled with hard-working, happy children.' (Amelia)

'Doagh PS is the best school ever. It's unique in its own way and you make friends instantly.' (Joel)

'Doagh PS is a calm, lovely school where everyone produces the best work they can do.' (Teddy)

'I highly recommend Doagh PS. Doagh is a loving, caring, fun, amazing school.  Teachers take full care of their pupils and each other. Your child will be happy at Doagh PS and the teachers will make sure they are.' (Jasmine)

'Do you want your child to have a good education? D.P.S Aspire, Aim, Achieve'. (Katie)



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