Pupil Comments

Things P6 and P7 would like any new P1 child and their family to know.....
'Doagh PS is a marvellous, fascinating school with welcoming, caring sudents and lovely chatty teachers.  It also has Afterschool clubs with many things to do: Football, Good News, Dance, many clubs!  Make sure to come to Doagh PS.' (Shae)

'In Doagh Primary School everyone tries their best and is very welcoming.  We would love to have some new people join.  The teachers are epic and make sure you are the happiest you can be.  Everyone is very honest.' (Lucy, Hollie, Eva)

'I would definitely recommend Doagh PS as your child will get their best education possible while having fun.' (Emily H & Amy C)

'Doagh PS is a stupendous, creative and active school.  It is a wonderful place to learn new things and make new friends.  Would your child like to come and have fun?' (Molly, Jess, Lucy B)



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